Dokud polovina českých voličů nebude rozumět rozdílu mezi volbami a zasíláním sms do Superstar či Týtý, nemáme šanci žít ve svobodné a prosperující zemi.

I have a dream: people will wake up and change the false game called State into fair, righteous and freedom respecting establishment

Anytime you fight against anything you consider a crime or injustice you should be able to say both “A” and “B”. That means to specify against what you fight and what for you fight as well and how this “new” set-up or status should look like. I mentioned how the “B” (the future vision) should and will look like in many articles on our website already. Today – feeling the unexpected support of all our readers, friends and supporters – I will define my own first “A”. I will simply define the exact and certain plan how we can change the “old” order via decent and peaceful change. And well yes, may be this is very unusual concept (or even dream), but better to have it than become one of the “wise and passive“ people, who always know a lot reasons why not do anything against the evil instead of trying to stand up and do something. This kind of (frequently post-communistic or newly „re-born“ crypto-communistic) passivity is the road to hell for both us and all future generations.

Look: majority of us – usual people – are on the same boat today, does not matter if you do not vote or vote the “lesser evil” on the election day. Current political system requiring you to give your vote to a middleman called “political party” or „politician“ (in the monopol environment of political parties, supported from state budgets and authorised to re-distribute public budgets without a real responsibility to us, people) is not just a nonsense, this is organised crime. How we can change this system without violence or revolution when we know from our history that revolution never means anything but changing “the toughs?”

Lets establish a project for single usage in one contemporary election, may be the coming one, why not actually. Project for all who disagree with a State as organised crime of redistribution of taxes and mandatory fees, creating debt and organising violent taxing of all productive people bigger than ever before. Once will come a day of our victory – as we will easily win when we are the major political force in our state, what we may be just did not understand and realize yet – we will simply draw (lot) our representatives with limited mandate for 1 year and those will be sent to the Parliament to proceed our simple programme of decentralisation. Decentralisation in few basic steps will bring us all no central relocation of public budgets, no central elections, no lists of candidates, no political campaigns with all lies related any more. Frankly: 100% vote presence (voter turnout) should be caused by free will of people showing the responsibility to their kids, not by the law.

Representative chosen by decentralised public choice of people in defined region and/or location will only have one mission to complete: to vote for basic things bringing the “change”, what are:

  • To cancel the monopoly of political parties to participate in elections, run the government and to participate on redistribution at the central (national) level in order to open the politic space to anyone else who might be interested and shows much greater social responsibility than all political parties toghether
  • To cancel all the benefits and state contributions to political parties and cancelling all restrictions on candidacy by the law (f.e. 5% minimum limit to enter the Parliament, state contributions to the political parties etc.)
  • Cancel redistribution at the state level to a minimum required for international existence of the State (army, police, fire-squads and public safety organisations, cost of representation in international organisations etc.). The money and responsibility will be transferred into regions, districts, cities and municipalities or associations to which people will be logged based on its free decision and will.
  • To establish the right of citizens to make complaints against services of the state if using them in case any of such services are provided of poor quality or not at all. As well to establish and define the compensation system as a basic human right of the new age. If the State is a company, it must respect people´s right to complaint existing services. If the state is a community of people, then its only real activity must not be taxing them without their previous authorisation, agreement and consent.
  • To prohibit State budget deficit with the only exception, what is the War Status.
  • To get people the right to step out of the monopoly state social system in case people will not require any social services from the State (and will take care about themselves in a family or community their will choose for this purpose based on their free will and decision)
  • To implement EEVS – Electronic Evidence of the State Costs including the exact and respective material responsibility of politicians and officers who are in charge of the distribution of newly created local and regional budgets.

Well yes, I have a dream. When it comes to me for the first time, it seemed me the same way crazy as it can seem to you now when reading it for the first time. But today it is obviousness for me. Sometimes we need simply to wait for the Truth, when it is hidden and covered by a lodgement of ideology, propaganda and threats.

But if you see the Truth then and if you act based on your feelings and conscience, that is far more than any money you may have lost in the meanwhile.