Dokud polovina českých voličů nebude rozumět rozdílu mezi volbami a zasíláním sms do Superstar či Týtý, nemáme šanci žít ve svobodné a prosperující zemi.

To what form, the state should evolve in the time of modern technologies? It is simple and right before our eyes: the state of the future is an APPLICATION

Yes, it is that simple: Shared State is an App. The future is a Shared state and Shared state is an App. Allthough this is a new and extremely usual idea, once will become reality the same way as Round Eart became. State in today´s version is simply gone, it is over. The state full of state employees is over. The state organising hidden robbing people by the other people under the false and dezinterpreted idea of welfare state. Political parties as a “middlemen” are an anachronism already. The anarchronism with unbelievably large (in our modern and connected world we can say global) corruption potencial utilized by them to the very last drop. It is not here to collect taxes and to redistribute it to the “right” pockets as so called “grant policy.” It is here to create the environment where people can take care and be responsible about themselves. The state should take care about the discussion in the “public space” instead of defining what to do.

Configurable state should work the same ways as when you configure your car: wheels, brakes, review mirrors are the mandatory equipment (configuration). The additional equipment is optional. Army, police, basic health insurance, basic shared infrastructure support like highways and airports fees, fire fighting service in agreed (basic) scope is mandatory. Social insurance (retirement), advanced health insurance, advance education – this should be optional and provided directly by the providers outside the state. As said before, state should have minimum authority and the rest must be choosen by people, associated in their natural local (regional, f.e. city or village) or field and interest focused communities (fire fighters, doctors, farmers, tradesmen, trade unionists, beekeepers, fishermen regardless where they are physically located.

Yes, state must become an app with minimum of “authorised personnel”. State should be mainly inside us, inside our souls. State should be a place we feel we belong, we want to belong, to what we feel solidarity, where our close people, friends and relatives are. Where we want to feel safe and happy. State is not a cotton field with a cop behind our back and we are not – and must never become – modern slaves.

No matter how long time it will take but the evolution is about to come. In our next articles and essays we will come up with many particular ideas and steps, how to achieve it as soon as possible, not in hundreds of years. If you share our vision and opinion, be ready and expect being blamed by trolls, blind people and their fear. Everything new came accompanied by the fear in the whole human history. This fear is not about new things coming, this fear is about loosing their comfortable life provided by temporary version of the State (what means provided by money of all productive and fair people around them). Let´s start building that App united by vision to have it in 2050, why not. Let´s start – professionals from all fields of human activity – to create our future together.

It is just up to us.